TAANZ 2018

THE TAANZ BOOK ( 5 ) < JOIN TAANZ n Professionalism and standards n Media n Tool kit n Traveller awareness n Financial services n Advocacy n Mediation n Benchmarking n Recognition and reward n At your service VALUE BENEFIT n As a TAANZ member you actively engage in training, standards, qualifications and maintain a high level of professionalism. Your TAANZ accreditation is an important industry standard that non-TAANZ members do not meet. n Through our regular TAANZ Talk messaging, in trade and mainstream media, we’ll have information and opinions on the trade that you need to know. We also provide you information on the value of your membership in FAQs that will help customers and your staff understand the TAANZ proposition. n Travel is not a licensed industry. TAANZ provides its members with its tool kit to help you with the law, the consumer, your membership and your business. n We’re promoting the use of the travel agent and working with your groups in co-operative advertising to make sure the travelling public understands the value and difference of the TAANZ travel agent. n We provide 4 different options for your IATA bonding requirements and through our bonding authority assist you to keep your business financially in check. n Locally and globally TAANZ is in your corner working for you ensuring you a fair go with the airlines, IATA, the banks, competition and other regulatory matters. n If you end up in a tangle with a customer we can help support you through that with advice on our code of ethics and the law. n We benchmark your business against the membership averages so you can assess your performance across a number of important KPIs n TAANZ hosts the National Travel Industry Awards each year. Whether a sponsor, an entrant, or a guest, these awards recognise excellence across our diverse industry. Winners proudly display this unique selling point in their marketing to travellers. n TAANZ provides a range of membership services that will vary in need from agent to agent. We will regularly ask your opinion in surveys, at your brand meetings, through committees and at your conferences. We’re here to help. Let us know what you need and what you’re thinking. TAANZ welcomes new travel agency members, brokers and allied members Call us on 04 496 4884, email info@taanz.org.nz or visit www.taanz.org.nz for more information on becoming a TAANZ member TAANZ Value & Benefit Statement