TAANZ 2018

( 2 ) THE TAANZ BOOK Useful links: n Join TAANZ: www.taanz.org.nz/join/ n Airline Codes: www.iata.org/services/Pages/codes.aspx n City and Country Calling Codes: www.countrycallingcodes.com n Country Capitals – World Map: www.chartsbin.com/view/nj5 n Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA): www.cruising.org n Embassies and Consulates: www.mfat.govt.nz/en/embassies n Exchange Rates: www.nzforex.co.nz/exchange-rate n International Air Transport Association (IATA): www.iata.org n Safe Travel Advice – Advisories: www.safetravel.govt.nz www.gov.uk/fco www.smartraveller.gov.au n Travellers’ Health Advice: www.safetravel.govt.nz/you-go www.worldwise.co.nz www.who.int/en n Travel Tips: www.wikitravel.org n NZ Passport Information: www.passports.govt.nz Useful Information & Resources GENERAL INFORMATION > Finding your way around… The TAANZ Book includes a comprehensive section on travel wholesalers active in the NZ market. The company names and general details are listed alphabetically from page 31. Products are listed from page 56. Readers simply find the product they are seeking and then cross reference back to the listed wholesaler. The TAANZ Book also lists wholesalers according to which type of travel experience they offer, starting from page 65. Readers are able to find a specific experience (ie. coach tours, escorted holidays etc) and again, cross reference back to the listed wholesaler in the alphabetical section. Anyone needing to find wholesalers dealing in a specific destination will find destinations listed from page 46, with wholesalers below. Once more, readers can then cross reference back to the wholesaler’s alphabetical listing.